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G8Ways to Speed, Efficiency, Longevity / ROTEXMotion, ONE-DAY SEMINAR

Wednesday, June 19, 2024  4:00pm - 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time Hosted by Athletic Motion Golf Private Studio / Virtual  Presenters: "Fast" Eddie Fernandes and Dr. Joe LaCaze Sign up below.  Maximum 100 people

  • Virtual Seminar

    G8Ways to Speed, Efficiency, Longevity / ROTEXMotion, ONE-DAY SEMINAR

Whats Included



“Fast Eddie” Fernandes – 2X Senior World Long Drive Champion, 2018, 2022, Golf Professional, Current Senior World Long Drive World #1, 15+ World Long Drive Tour wins, 50+ professional mini tour wins, 5X PGA Tour Q-School, 2021 PGA Tour Champions finals, 2X HOF Inductee, 150+ chs / 220+ bs currently Dr. Joe LaCaze, Biomechanics Instructor, Chiropractor, Neuromuscular Therapist, PES, TPI Level 3 Medical, GASP Level 1, U.S. Navy Seal, Retired


What is Unique about our Course

While we agree that the golf swing may be performed a thousand different ways, Eddie Fernandes and Dr. Joe LaCaze have based the foundation of this course on the following premise: “ALTHOUGH THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO PERFORM, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO PERFORM TO MAXIMUM. FURTHERMORE, THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FOR THE BODY TO MOVE MOST EFFICIENTLY AND POWERFULLY WITHOUT CAUSING STRAIN, STIFFNESS, PAIN, INJURY, AND PERMANENT DAMAGE.”


Aims and Objectives

We will present to instructors, coaches, and golfers a detailed, comprehensive, and proven study of how to train the body and the swing to maximize speed, power, control, while minimizing the chance and occurrence of stiffness, strain, pain, or injury.  We will bridge the gap between effective training to maximize mobility, stability, and efficiency of motion, and how they go hand-in-hand.


Keys to the Course

In each position, from P1 – P10, we have identified the most efficient motion, requiring the least effort, in every part of the body (from the feet, through the hips and entire core, spine, and body, through the arms, and out to the hands). For each position, we show beautiful anatomy graphics or videos of the body parts that make the most efficient movement. Then we show specific exercises which can be performed by anyone, that will help them learn the feel of the movement, make it as strong as possible, and permanently ingrain it into a repeating sequence. After each individual position has been covered, we will ultimately show how to organize everything to swing as efficiently, as effortlessly, and as powerfully as YOU can, as closely as possible to how Eddie does it.

Visit and click Seminar Sign Up.  Look forward to seeing you in Detroit!

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