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"Fast" Eddie Fernandes

Fast" Eddie Fernandes is an American Golf Professional as well as a Long Drive Professional.  He is a 2X World Long Drive Champion and currently ranked #1 in the world in the Senior Division and still at 53 years old is one of fastest swingers of the golf club in the world. His longest ball in competition is 480 yards at the 2018 World Long Drive Tour event Smash in the Sun in Maricopa, Arizona.  He's won over 50 professional mini tour events, 15+ Long Drive events and made the PGA TOUR Champions Q-School finals in 2021.  He was also inducted into his High School and College Halls of Fame.  Eddie is the epitome of effortless power and is set to partner with Dr. Joe LaCaze of ROTEXMotion in 2024 to present exactly how he does it.


About Dr. Joe LaCaze

Dr. LaCaze has decades of experience in the high performance sports arena, both personally and professionally. A 22-year Navy SEAL and Navy SEAL Instructor, college golfer and baseball player, All-Navy Volleyball Player, World-Class Skydiver, and high level player in numerous other sports, he understands what it takes to compete and succeed at the highest levels. Throughout his professional career as a chiropractor, neuromuscular therapist, spinal biomechanist, assessment, correction, and performance specialist, he gained extensive knowledge about each physical system in the body. He has collaborated with professional, college, and Olympic strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and has worked personally with athletes who include Super Bowl Champions, World Series MVPs, Masters Champions, multiple World Long Drive Champions, NCAA Football and Baseball Champions, and recreational athletes too numerous to mention. His major specialties are understanding and teaching the most efficient movement patterns within a sport. For the past 18+ months, Dr. LaCaze has been in constant collaboration with Eddie Fernandes, modeling his exact movements and identifying the most efficient parts of the body to create the least amount stress on each and every part of the body, while still creating maximum force, speed, and power.

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